Every day, denture patients are glad that they chose our modern custom-fit dentures to complete their smiles. Their beautiful new teeth give them the confidence and comfort that they were missing while their smiles were incomplete.

Here at Chino Valley Family Dental, we create our dentures with the highest-quality materials. The dentures we provide have come a long way from the old-fashioned removable dentures. These new dentures fit seamlessly and work just like natural teeth.

We believe you should be able to choose the dentures that make you feel and look your best. Dr. Randall provides several denture options including overdentures and partial dentures. With the assistance of your trusted dental professional, you can find the perfect replacement smile for you.


Overdentures utilize dental implants to ensure ultimate security. An overdenture can be anchored in place by just two dental implants. The implants will stimulate the jawbone, preventing future bone and tooth loss.

The dental implants will prevent the overdenture from sliding out of place while you are socializing or eating. You can also remove and replace your overdentures at anytime, resulting in effortless maintenance and constant comfort!

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are replacement teeth that are attached to a gum-colored plastic base. To stay in place, they can form an airtight seal with the gums or connect to the mouth with a metal framework.

If you still have one or more natural teeth in your mouth, partial dentures might be the best choice for you. Partial dentures do not offer the same reliability that overdentures do, but they do not require surgery or a large time commitment.

Do you want to avoid shifting teeth, painful chewing, and social embarrassment? It’s time to come seek treatment for missing teeth. Come learn more about our stunning denture options at Chino Valley Family Dental. Give us a call today!