Fluoride & Sensitivity Treatments

iStock-56Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a highly beneficial substance that will fortify your teeth against decay. You can steer clear of dental decay and tooth pain by protecting your teeth with fluoride.

Dr. Randall and his team provide professional fluoride applications to their patients. The fluoride in these treatments attaches to the tooth enamel and makes the tooth more resistant to decay.

You will find some fluoride in food and water, but not enough to ward off cavities. Fluoride treatments will help you and your loved ones, especially children under 14 years old, to avoid dental discomfort and extra procedures.

All patients can benefit from fluoride treatments, but some patients need fluoride more than others. Here are some factors that may make a patient a great candidate for fluoride treatments:

  • Exposed or sensitive root surfaces
  • Dry mouth due to medication
  • Poor at-home dental care habits
  • High sugar consumption
  • Weak teeth or history of dental decay

Sensitivity Treatments

Do hot or cold foods send pain shooting through your teeth and gums? Some individuals have particularly sensitive teeth and should take advantage of sensitivity treatments.

Sensitivity can be caused by thin or eroded enamel. When food particles leak through the surface into the nerves of the tooth, serious pain is the unfortunate result.

It is important to see Dr. Randall to investigate the cause of your tooth sensitivity. There may be a crack that requires repair or gum disease that necessitates treatment.

Your dentist will help you decide which of our services will permanently increase your comfort. He can reduce your sensitivity with simple in-office procedures. He can also provide you with instructions regarding how to care for sensitive teeth at home.

Along with regular cleanings and exams, fluoride and sensitivity treatments can keep your smile functioning and feeling just right. Call Chino Valley Family Dental today to set up an appointment with an experienced dental professional near you!