Sedation Dentistry

Has the time for your biannual dental checkup come and gone? Are you having a hard time working up the nerve to schedule an appointment with your dentist?

There’s no need to suffer through toothache or dental anxiety. You can have an enjoyable dental procedure where you can feel relaxed and leave the details to us.

We have the ideal solution for your dental fears here at Chino Valley Family Dental. Our sedation dentistry choices will transform the way you imagine dentistry!

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is breathed in through a facial mask placed over the nose. The gas is safe, colorless, and sweet-smelling. Nitrous oxide produces a calming sensation that will help de-stress the patient.

The patient will still be in control of their bodies, responses, and questions. Sometimes they may experience some amnesia or even fall asleep. Some of the advantages of nitrous oxide sedation dentistry include:

  • There are no long-lasting “hangover” effects
  • The regular inhalation helps to minimize gagging
  • Works rapidly, reaching the brain in only 20 seconds
  • Includes both relaxing and pain-relieving features

Conscious Sedation

Another sedation option is oral conscious sedation. Patients appreciate the everyday feel of this sedation option–there’s no need to wear a mask or endure a needle. All that is required is to take a pill shortly before the appointment!
Oral conscious sedation can take the edge off of your anxiety. You will be able to respond to your physician’s questions with ease while remaining content and comfortable. Some of the perks of oral conscious sedation are:

  • Often less expensive than other forms of sedation
  • Makes long procedures feel shorter
  • Can be used in addition to local anesthesia for pain elimination

Come talk with us today about discovering a peaceful relationship with dentistry. Call our office today to set up some time to talk with Dr. Randall about what’s best for you.